The High Country's Finest Compost

Just how good is Rockwater Farms Compost?

For compost "good" means it is high in plant nutrients while containing no dangerous heavy metals or other toxic substances. Two different tests by the NCDA have been run on this compost to measure for nutrients and to test for toxic substances.

These are:

Soil Test - to measure for the presence of the nutrients Phosphorus, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Calcium and Sodium. It also tests pH to determine the need for lime. The results are stated as both absolute level of these elements in the soil and as an index that gives a relative measure. If the index is 50 or above for a given nutrient, it is deemed that the soil contains a level sufficient for healthy plant growth.

Rockwater Farms Compost has index values of well over 50 (all well over 100) for ALL nutrients. The pH is 8, indicating that the compost will actually raise the pH (lower the acidity) of a garden or lawn thus reducing or eliminating the need for lime.

Click here to view the Soil Test Report

Note: The test does NOT test for nitrogen since that nutrient is normally subject to leaching. Thus levels of nitrogen normally can change between the time the soil is gathered for testing and the plants are put into the soil.

Waste Analysis - to test for the presence heavy metals or substances that may have a harmful buildup in the soil and to measure the Nutrients available, including Nitrogen.

The measures for the presence of heavy metals or substances that may have a harmful buildup in the soil are shown in the Other Elements section of the reports. The report indicates that Rockwater Farms Compost contains NO Nickel, Cadmium, Lead, Aluminum, or Lithium. There is a bare trace (.33 - 2.3 lbs/ton) of Sodium.

As importantly, the level of Nitrogen is shown to be quite high. This measure is relevant since the compost is normally applied at planting time and since the nitrogen in the compost is slow releasing it is available to plants over a longer period of time.

Finally, the results show a consistently high level of soluble salts, which indicate very high nutrient availability. These high levels along with the high pH indicate the compost should be blended with other materials, thus making the quantity purchased go even farther.

Click here to view the Waste Analysis Report.